Integrated Equipment Sales can handle all of your container and transportation needs. We have a wide variety of new and used transportation equipment and also offer services such as local and longhaul transportation, container modification, and depot services.

long haul transportation

Integrated Equipment Sales is a leader in sales of shipping and cargo containers in the US and Canada. We offer all types of ISO shipping containers, IP1 and IP2 containers, mil-vans and containers such as dry van, open top containers, flatracks, high cubes, refrigerated containers and a variety of chassis.

flatrack chassis

container chassis for sale

We aim to provide our customers with everything they need in order to ease any loading anxiety. The versatility of our containers allows us to serve all areas of the market such as: homes, schools, construction sites, farming and all areas in between. These containers are the wisest choice when looking for flexible, instant storage solutions. Remember these containers can be stacked for multi-level storage and our modification services allow for custom placement of doors, windows and stairs. Not sure, if a certain modification is possible?

We offer standard ISO container lengths 20′ ft and 40′ ft, in addition to those we offer a variety of extended sizes 45′ ft, 48′ ft, and 53′ ft. ISO shipping containers. Contributing significantly to lower freight charges and, in turn, boosting trade flows.

53ft trailer new or used for sale

40ft refrigerated container (40' reefer) for sale

Our ISO shipping containers are strong and tight, eliminating the worry of product loss.

Almost every manufactured product a human consumes spends some time in an ISO shipping container.

The ISO shipping container has revolutionized the flow of goods throughout the USA and the world. We provide a wide range of shipping containers such as flatracks , refrigerated containers, open top containers, high-cube containers . ISO shipping containers can hold just about anything, from produce to PC parts.

Integrated Equipment Sales has a large network of carriers and the capability to transport all types of empty and loaded ISO shipping containers, IP1 and IP2 containers. We serve both US and International markets.